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We have the vision to evolve real estate into a more sustainable, responsible, intelligent, connected and people-centered approach. Let’s take on these exciting challenges together.


As a major real-estate player, it is our responsibility to imagine and develop real estate that is different, smarter, connected and sustainable. To achieve this, we integrate a high degree of innovation in our thinking and in our projects, both in the design of our developments and in the utilisation of specific materials, as well as in the application of innovative energy solutions.
At the same time, we are firmly committed to supporting innovation through investments and by taking stakes in businesses of all sizes. What they all have in common is that they are directly or indirectly linked to the environment by providing an answer to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

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Concrete actions

Concrete actions

Proposing shared services

By working on the scale of vast spaces, our designers, architects and urban planning experts examine ways of pooling the proposed services. Multi-storey car parks, restaurants, sports halls, child-care centres, data centre, all these infrastructures are designed to be used by the greatest number on the scale of a park. This approach optimises land-use planning and focuses on the places for interactions between the neighbouring organisations in the same living and working area.

Anticipating new trends

In addition to this concept of pooling infrastructures - which we consider to be one of the key principles of the projects we develop - we anticipate emerging trends to meet the new expectations of local authorities and businesses, as well as the men and women who are part of them. Shared offices, co-working spaces, places for recharging electric cars, shared services, bike parks; we integrate all these elements in the heart of our real estate projects.

Integrating data to serve our projects

New technologies offer incredible opportunities to improve our everyday lives. We are already capitalising on the opportunities offered by Data to optimise the spaces that we imagine and build from scratch. This results in an improvement in the energy aspect of the infrastructures and buildings that we construct, from production to consumption, not to mention pooling. The services proposed are also more connected and smarter.

Using and controlling sustainable resources

We control all the sources of sustainable energy used in the different projects entrusted to us. The green energy that we produce in the spaces that we plan and then develop is for a large part used by the companies and infrastructures they accommodate. Any surplus energy can also be stored locally, or redistributed on the electricity grid.

Imagining pooled autonomous ecosystems

Energy must benefit from the same vision as the infrastructures that we think up for usage pooled at the level of a vast living and working space. Besides its sustainable origin, our energy experts work on sharing the energy produced locally between the buildings in any given zone. This sharing offers significant opportunities to limit the use of fossil fuels and to contribute to creating self-sufficient energy areas.

Contributing to carbon neutrality and compensation

Through our comprehensive control and management of energy and construction, we act in advance of the future regulations in terms of carbon neutrality. By adopting rational development plans, our experts plan ahead to build low carbon-impact constructions. The utilisation of bio-sourced materials that enter into a circular-economy model also contributes to achieving this ambitious goal.

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